Supporting English as a Second Language


A redesign of an educational resource in draft mode (hence the watermarked image) to support Alberta teachers with students who have English as their second language. This resource holds many complex learning resources for teachers and parents. The goal here was to ensure the content was easy to find using intuitive language.




Through our online feedback (qualitative data) we were hearing from users about issues with the videos not playing on the site and how they were not able to find the information they were looking for, though it is on the site. Fortunately the subject matter expert connected to this resource was looking to update some of the information and benchmarks. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Original and current site design

Original and current site design

Proposed site redesign

Proposed site redesign


How did we get (t)here?


Redesign Goals

After a heuristic review of the site I listed proposed changes. I worked with subject matter experts to confirm terminology and the necessary content needed. Using Treejack remote testing on the original site with teachers in the province, I was able to validate my suggestions with quantitative data and move forward with refinement.





  • Teachers who have taught in the classroom for more than four years

  • New teachers who have less than 4 years of classroom teaching experience

  • Administrators/Leaders


  • Mix of people who are comfortable with computers/technology and ones who are not

  • Mix of people who teach different divisions (eg. K-3 teacher, a 4-6 teacher, a 7-9 teacher, a 10-12 teacher)

  • Mix of people who are school-based and central office-based

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 9.49.31 PM.png

Areas in scope of the usability evaluation

  • Supporting English as a Second Language home page

  • Finding student examples of writing

  • Understanding of benchmarks

  • Exploring details about English as a Second Language proficiency levels

  • Print function

  • Discovering an English Language Proficiency evaluation


Here I discovered where we needed to focus our efforts.


Now what?


Next steps are to create A/B tests on my redesign as well as workflow tests to continue my process. Stay tuned!

Videoplayer was a major pain point for users

Videoplayer was a major pain point for users