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Physiotherapy can be a daunting thing as most, if not all, clients are visiting one because of an injury. The approach I took with this site is to not only show the process of achieving full recovery but to show the end result. Hence the homepage image and message, ‘The faster we can get you back to what you do, the happier we both are.’ Rather than inundating the user with images of injuries I wanted to show the end result, happy and healthy patients.

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Website for Alberta Psychological Professionals


Website for Alberta Psychological Professionals.

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Interactive Economics

Application built for business students. Interactive game deciphering political success based on variables including taxes, money growth and interest rates.

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The Sentence Star

Intro screen to application built for post-secondary English students. Interactive game building sentence structures using drag and drop.

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Athletic Awards

The Athletic Awards show at NAIT is an annual event that highlights the best of athletic and academic achievements. For 2013 I decided to go with the idea of ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’. What is pictured here is an initial mock. After this concept went through the first approval stage the client was very happy with this approach. Unfortunately, because of the imagery that evokes old-style circus a director, who is an animals rights activist, felt that this supported animal cruelty and therefore we had to go, in short notice, with a simple NAIT branded template for the event. This experience was valuable in that you can really never gauge what may speak specifically to someone and strike a personal chord. Moreso one in the position to make decisions on the approval of the design.


School project. Hysteria is a play about the meeting between two very interesting people, Sigmund Freud and Salvador Dali. This poster is trying to evoke the surreal jack-in-the-box events that take place.

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pb business card

Business card for my design services (phone number now 780.318.1087)

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Illustrations developed for post-secondary students in Hematology

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Illustrations developed for post-secondary students in Phlebology

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Celebrate Teaching

A Day to Celebrate Teaching is an annual professional development and spotlighting day for instructors at NAIT. This was the events' inaugural year and I was tasked with creating a logo that followed NAIT's branding while being able to stand on its own.

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Instructor Excellence Poster

The Instructor Excellence Award is an annual announcement of winning instructors as voted by their students that excelled in teaching excellence. For 2013 I decided to take the typical ‘apple’ symbolism for teaching but in a typographic way. For a more tangible marketing idea I decided to hand out actual apples to students with stickers to instruct them to not only wash and eat the apple but to also direct students to the website to nominate their instructors. *note: Due to cost, the institute decided against this approach

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The Princess and The Pea

Good friends of mine were celebrating their daughter's first birthday. I decided instead of a birthday card to put together a small booklet with the lovely story of 'The Princess and the Pea' using simple typography and imagery.

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Mapping Congrats Video

Storyboard created for a short video highlighting the progress of instructors and staff involved with Program Mapping (an intense re-shuffle of curriculum)

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